To apply as a Youth Artist, you must be between 14-19 years of age, currently enrolled in a Provincially recognized secondary school education program, and live within the Niagara Region.

To start your online account setup process, please carefully follow the instructions below.

How do I apply?

Individual artist applications are submitted through our online e-commerce platform. All artists create an online account.


  1. Create an account here to bring up the Artist Application Form for your submission.
    NOTE: If you have applied before, your applications have been added to your account. 
  2. Applying For The First Time? Click on the purple Create an Account button. DO NOT SIGN IN.
  3. Next, the Sign Up page will open. Complete information under Your Profile. IMPORTANT: Make sure you keep a copy of your password. Also, if you have more than one email address, make note of which one you will be using with this account. It will be needed every time you log in. Do not skip spaces requiring information. 
  4. Once Your Profile is completed, click the purple Sign Up button at the bottom left of the page. 
  5. You will be sent back to the Artist Application Form where you will enter your email address and your password. Then click on the purple Sign In button.
  6. That will open your Artist Dashboard Page which you will see every time you open your Online Account. NOTE: Open your Online Account by clicking the person icon on the top right-hand side of the menu on the website homepage. Once you log in, you can change your password to something more memorable and secure under "Your Profile". Keep your login information safe, since you will need it if you log out before completing your application and want to log back in; also later, if accepted by the jury, to get back to the Artist Dashboard to set up your online Artist Gallery. 
  7. Artists and artisans: fill in your name and address – mailing and email contact information. Adding your mailing information is very important for you to receive artist information by mail. Please do not skip this section.
  8. Add biography/artist statement with no name included

    • Skip the banner image, profile photo, and social media accounts in the application form. This information is not available to the jury, and will only become publicly visible if your application is successful and when your gallery is ready for viewing.

    • There will be a non-refundable $10 application handling fee if submitted by January 15, 2024.             Late submissions will be accepted until January 25, 2024 with a non-refundable $20 application handling fee.                                                                                                                                                       
  9. Prepare a collection of 3 artworks, all in the same medium and if possible, in a similar style, for the jury process.

    • If you create different kinds of artwork, such as watercolours, drawings and collages, don’t present all those media in your application. Present a strong body of work in the same medium and similar style for the jurors to be able to judge properly.

    • THE ARTWORK SUBMITTED SHOULD NOT DISPLAY YOUR SIGNATURE OR WATERMARK! (You can mask a signature with a temporary slip of paper when doing the photography of the artwork or clone out the signature from the artwork photo if you have access to editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.)

*PAF only accepts complete applications once the non-refundable application fee payment is fulfilled. We don’t forward applications with missing information to our jurors. Submissions that include machine-made or mass-produced works are automatically disqualified and are not presented to the jurors.


Click the Upload next image purple button to load each of your 3 prepared images, one by one.

Important: Go to the bottom of the page and click the Save button after each image is uploaded and the accompanying form has been completed. Save as you go.

If the form is not fully complete, the image upload will show, but without a checkmark to indicate the entry is incomplete. Once the form is complete, the white checkmark will appear on the bottom left corner of that image and you can go on to upload your next image. If you select one of your artworks to be the feature image in your collection, an asterisk, not a check mark, will appear on that image.

Checkmark the PROMOTIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL USAGE RIGHTS located at the bottom of the Artist Application Image Upload pages. 

Once you have uploaded your images and information, you will be directed to a secure payment portal. 

There will be a non-refundable $10 application handling fee. There are no service charges or taxes on the application fee. PAF does not accept cheques or cash payments for booth or Online Festival non-refundable fees. You can use a credit card to pay your application fee. If you don't have a credit card, pre-paid credit cards are also accepted.

You will not be able to make changes to your application once the non-refundable payment is submitted. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your payment, so please check your spam and junk folders if you have not received it.

Thank you for applying to the Pelham Art Festival!