For Online Festival Artists

Important Dates

Pelham Art Festival Online

February 1, 2023 – Application Deadline at 11:59
April 1, 2023 - Booth Payment Deadline at 11:59 PM
April 15, 2023 – Final day to cancel your participation for a refund ($25 non-refundable application handling fee)
May 8 - 18, 2023 - Pelham Art Festival Online

Artists will have the choice to sell their work at the In-person 36th Pelham Art Festival at the Meridian Community Centre in Fonthill, Ontario, or through Pelham Art Festival Online, or both! After the Online Festival closes on May 18, 2023, artists will have the option to remove or leave work in their online galleries to be viewed and purchased from the artist directly until May 2024.

PAF Online Festival Fee
Up to 15 images-$150.00

Please note that the Online Festival fee is included in the cost of the in-person booth, so there is no extra fee to use both venues.


FAQ for Submissions

Who can apply?

Returning and new artists are welcome to apply. Your work will be juried for quality and to ensure that a wide variety of mediums will be showcased, and all artwork submitted for jurying must be for sale. 

PAF’s jurors welcome individual artists and artisans working in all mediums such as painting, photography, sculpture, glass, woodturning, textiles, jewelry and more, with formal or informal training to apply. Artists are encouraged to submit artwork created within the last three years. Established and emerging artists are welcome.

Pelham Art Festival accepts 80% original artworks and 20% may be reproductions such as giclée or limited-edition prints. 

How to Apply?

Artists and artisans are invited to submit their application for the juried 36th Pelham Art Festival and/or juried Pelham Art Festival Online beginning November 1, 2022.

Please read through Gallery Uploading and tips to help you submit a successful application.

Read our Reproduction Policy carefully before an application is submitted.


Why apply to PAF?

  • We welcome 2000+ visitors in-person, and 5,300+ visitors to the online Festival.
  • Be a part of the art community: We are committed to the artists who participate in Pelham Art Festival and as such, want to assure you that a strong social media, digital and ad campaign will be implemented before and during the Festival to help attract attention to both Pelham Art Festival and the Online Festival.
  • We offer a successful and comprehensive marketing campaign:  Benefit from our multi-platform marketing and promotions, including Facebook and Instagram for an extensive social media campaign where you will be spotlighted. You will have additional opportunities to be spotlighted through our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram with an engaged audience that continues to grow. 
  • Ongoing professional development: Dedicated support and guidance from our team through application assistance, juried art, and social media (how to grow your digital outreach and social media skills) as needed
  • Grow your network for Pelham Art Festival and our Online FestivalPAF is a well-respected Festival where many artists return year after year saying they love the atmosphere and feel warmly welcomed. Every effort will be made to help you promote and sell your artwork and for art lovers to see and purchase pieces through both Pelham Art Festival and Pelham Art Festival Online.
  • Free Pelham Art Festival and online resources and support -Assistance and troubleshooting for your artist and product pages, training, instructional videos, volunteers to assist you in setting up your PAF booth display and comprehensive artist information is available.
  • Online sales experience: Showcase your artwork in the Online Festival on our user-friendly e-commerce platform. Participating artists and artisans have the option to sell their own work from their online gallery year-round until April 2024.
  • And so much more!


Will my Art be juried?

Yes, all applications will be juried anonymously to ensure quality and to allow for a wide variety of mediums to be showcased. When jurying is completed and scored, a variety of approved artists will be offered booths according to their score, application date and category. Approved artists on the waitlist will be offered space as it becomes available when an artist in their category decides not to proceed or needs to withdraw for illness or personal reasons.


How do I find out if I will be accepted into the Festival?

You will be provided with your application results by email after February 15, 2023. You can also see your results by logging into your Artist Dashboard after February 15, 2023. No phone calls please – results will not be given over the phone. Please check your junk and spam email folders if you have not received your results. All decisions are final. The Pelham Art Festival will not appeal any decisions. To make sure that your results letter does not accidentally end up in your spam folder make sure that you add “pelha[email protected]” to your address book as a safe sender.


Equity and Inclusion

Pelham Art Festivals provide a welcoming place for all artists and art enthusiasts, and we are committed to equity and inclusion.


What if I live outside of Canada?

You can choose to join us for Pelham Art Festivals from anywhere in Canada and beyond. Sell artworks and tap into the Niagara art market and participate in our Online Festivals safely from the comfort of your own home.

If you, as an artist, are applying from outside of Canada, it is your responsibility to get the appropriate paperwork to enter Canada to sell your works. We do not provide invitations to artists for visa applications. All travel, accommodations, shipping, and customs expenses are your responsibility. We recommend working with a licensed customs broker to import your work into Canada. Our recommendation for International artists is to apply for Pelham Art Festival Online.


How will art be sold?

Every effort will be made to help you promote and sell your artwork, and for visitors, art lovers, and collectors to view and purchase pieces through The PAF e-commerce portal. Artists benefit by making sales, meeting new clients, and getting exposure to their artwork.


Does participating in Pelham Art Festival Online mean I need to have my own website or social media accounts? 

No, you do not need to create your own website since you will be able to continue to use the Pelham Art Festival website after the show for 12 months! Our platform is accessible for artists who do not have their own website or e-commerce during the Festival, and you can list your artworks for sale directly from your PAF gallery webpage for the rest of the year. You can also link your social media accounts. We highly recommend promoting your participation in PAF via your social media channels if you have them, but it is not a requirement to participate.


What if I already sell artwork via my website or other sales platform?

During the Festival, all Art is to be purchased using the PAF’s e-commerce portal “buy now” button. After May 18, 2023, when the Online Festival is over you are welcome to remove your art, edit your gallery, or to leave up to 15 images in the gallery and make sales with your customer directly until May 2024. Since you will be arranging for your own sales, the 15 % commission donation is not required for sales made outside of the May Festivals.

If an artwork is sold in the month after the show as a result of contact made with a buyer at the show, the Festival Committee requests the 15% commission be forwarded to the PAF Treasurer.


Can I sell reproductions too?

All works must be hand-made by the artist. Machine-made or mass-produced works are not permitted and will result in an automatic disqualification. Please see our Reproduction Policy for details.

PAF accepts 80% original artworks and 20% may be reproductions such as giclée or limited-edition prints. Please see Gallery Uploading for more information. Artwork in the photography category must be of signed, numbered limited edition prints, with a series of each image limited to a total of 25 or fewer.
Once you have declared the limited-edition status of an image, you are expected to follow through anywhere you show that work. Artists are encouraged to submit original artworks created within the last three years.

Reproductions are welcome provided they do not exceed 20% of the total artwork on display. Please read our Reproduction Policy information carefully before applying. Here are some tips to help you submit a successful application.


Does all my artwork need to be for sale?

All artwork submitted for jurying must be for sale, and all artwork submitted online must be for sale.


How many artworks can I put in my Online Gallery for sale?

You can have up to 15 artworks for sale at a time. When you sell, a sold sticker will be placed on the art, and you are welcome to add another piece so that you continue to have up to 15 artworks published for sale at a time. You may edit your work at any time if you wish to change your gallery. Your gallery will be refreshed often from May 8-18, 2023, during the Festivals. For the rest of the year, please email to ask for your gallery to be refreshed.


Can I sell cards or other small items?

Your image could include multiple items at the same price point e.g., cards, jewellery, and scarves, each numbered or labelled individually. On your details page, each item is described. i.e., the product may come in assorted colours, sizes etc. The buyer forwards an email to you so you both can agree on the specific choice. As an item is sold, you may indicate SOLD next to the colour on the descriptions page, or you could put a SOLD sticker on and load another image showing what you still have for sale.


When will the Theme Challenge be Announced?

The 2023 Theme challenge is 'Celebrate Imagination'. Artists and artisans will have the opportunity to submit one piece of art in their collection to participate in a curated collection of art categories for guest curators to choose a favourite piece for the Curator awards. This provides an extra way to connect with art lovers and draw people to your booth or to your online gallery.


How do I Submit my Theme Challenge Selection  

  • Theme Challenge Online Festival:  Artists and Artisans must include 'Title of Theme' in the artwork title when filling out the form for your theme challenge piece after it is uploaded into your gallery. e.g.) Theme- Name of Art. It will be identified by the Theme title for a specially curated collection featuring selected artworks from all the theme challenge submissions. 
  • Artists should also choose 'Theme title' in the Subjects dropdown menu when filling in the form for the 2023 theme challenge so it can be identified by the site search engine.
  • NB: Only one artwork in your gallery should be assigned this subject designation if you participate in the theme challenge. This enables the curator to find your theme challenge work for consideration. Visitors will be invited to view the 'Theme Title' Curated Collection when it is presented during Pelham Art Festival Online.


How can I edit my uploaded work?

You can edit your uploaded work when you use your login and unique password for your Artist Dashboard, at any time. You can change images or written content, at any time until an Online Festival ends. Please see Gallery Uploading for more information.


How do I communicate with buyers?

Buyers may choose to use your ARTIST EMAIL button link if they would like to communicate with you. To make sure that your buyer communication does not accidentally end up in your spam folder, make sure that you add “[email protected]” to your address book as a safe sender. Contact your customer as quickly as possible to facilitate the sale. 


How do I process payments?

  • Individual pieces of artwork are for sale through the Online Pelham Art Festival website. Customers will purchase one chosen artwork at a time. Each artwork has an ARTIST EMAIL LINK that will send a message directly to you if a buyer wants to connect with you about a question.
  • You will then contact your customer online or by any method that works for you as quickly as possible to facilitate the sale.
  • Make sure your client understands the artwork description before they buy. Decide if taxes/shipping/delivery is included or must be paid for separately based on your location and come to a decision about the method and expected shipping cost.
  • The ‘BUY NOW’ button beside the image, will take the client directly to a checkout link where they make payment.
  • The client will use their credit card, visa debit, or prepaid credit card to complete the purchase online.
  • When the sale is completed, you will reach out to the client to confirm shipment/delivery and the format will depend on mutual convenience and location. In some cases, professional shipment may be needed to transfer breakable products. The purchaser is to pay shipping costs directly to the artist (via e-Transfer is preferable) before the item is shipped or delivered.
  • Pelham Art Festival does not take responsibility for the delivery of artwork. All buyers expressly assume all risk and liability from purchasing through the Pelham Art Festival website.
  • Payment is made to the Pelham Art Festival e-commerce site and approximately 10 days after the show ends, the total sales minus 15% commission for the donation will be transferred to you.


Is Artwork refundable?

Artwork is non-refundable unless negotiated and mutually agreed upon between you and the buyer. No refunds will be issued after 30 days from the date of purchase. The buyer will contact you to request a refund. The Pelham Art Festival will issue a refund to the customer for fees paid upon instruction from you. It is up to the artist and the buyer to arrange between you for the return of the artwork and shipping costs. 


Where do I find support?

Admin support will be available for you if you need it through [email protected]
Please state the title of your question in the heading of your email so your question will be forwarded to the person who can help you. 
with the subject line: PAF 2023 Photographing Your Art for the Online Gallery + Your Name 
with the subject line: PAF 2023 Artist Gallery Setup Support + Your Name 
with the subject line: PAF 2023 General Support + Your Name

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