Curated Beauty in Niagara

Meet Our Curators

Sonya Marie de Lazzer is an art historian with an interest in souvenirs,
collectibles, and collections. Her research focuses on the visual culture of
Niagara Falls with investigations in the commercial sublime, material culture of
mementos, and tourist attractions. Sonya curates and manages the Visual Arts
Gallery and Student Exhibition Space (MIWSFPA) as the Gallery Coordinator, in
consultation with preparators, artists, and students, and brings extensive
museum and art gallery experience in the areas of curation, exhibition writing,
and installation. She is also an instructor in the Art History and Museum Studies
program at Niagara University. She obtained her M.A. in Art History from
University at Buffalo: The State University of New York in 2013 and is currently
completing her PhD in Art and Visual Culture.


Beauty in Niagara Curation by Sonya Marie de Lazzer

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Beauty in Niagara - Of Time, Nests And Things That Grew

Francie McGlynn


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