The Facts:

Pelham Art Festival is a not-for-profit organization that has served as a vital link between the visual arts and the local community for 35 years. Our annual in-person Festivals welcome visitors from the Niagara and Southern Ontario Regions to over 80 exhibiting juried fine art artists. Introducing online festivals (created due to COVID-19) has seen our numbers grow impressively and our audience expand exponentially.

The Figures:

Our in-person Festival welcomes 2500+ visitors, and our online Festival has 5,300 visitors.
Benefit from our comprehensive multi-platform marketing and promotions campaign that resulted in a total of 2.5 million media impressions in 2021. Our social media portion of the ad campaign reached 38,159 people, resulting in 82,361 media impressions. PAF has experienced substantial online growth. Expectations are for an even more expansive 2022 reach. Additional opportunities for spotlighting continue to expand through our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram with an engaged audience.

80+ Artist In-person Festival
60+ Artist Online Festival 2021
2500+ Visitors 2019 in-person Festival
5300+ Visitors 2021 Online Festival
2.5 million media impressions for 2021 campaign
$1.6 million spent on art purchase
$458,000 Pelham libraries donations
$15,000+ community arts projects donations

The in-person Festival:

Plans are being developed for a modified version of the in-person 35th Festival to run from May 6 to 8, 2022, following Provincial and Regional Public Health Guidelines. Concurrent plans are underway so that even if the in-person show cannot go forward due to COVID-19, Pelham Art Festival Online can proceed. In-person Festival-goers enjoy stunning artwork from juried fine art artists, live music, catered food and family activities that keep art lovers coming back knowing that their participation helps the community.

Pelham and the surrounding communities are enriched by the presence of the Festival, developing awareness of our creativity, our cultural diversity and drawing thousands of visitors to Niagara. Volunteers organize the annual event. Artists donate 15% of their total sales to Festival fundraising efforts.

The online Festival:

Pelham Art Festival Online will run from May 4 to May 15, 2022. The online and in-person Festivals benefit from our comprehensive multi-platform marketing and promotions campaign. PAF is excited to expand our opportunities in 2022 with artists' galleries online throughout the year. Thousands of unique original fine artworks are displayed and available for purchase through our year-round e-commerce site. Artists donate 15% of their total sales to Festival fundraising efforts.

Our Sponsors:

Our sponsors can expect extensive social media, newspaper and radio advertising promotion with your logo and link appearing prominently on our website. Both the website and social media presence continue year-round as well.

Sponsoring the Pelham Art Festival offers you the anticipation of nurturing artists' careers and enriches the lives of all who attend. Sponsors assist Festival expense coverage and annual fundraising donations for the Pelham Library System and Pelham scholarships. Pelham graduates pursuing fine arts studies in post-secondary education from E.L. Crossley Secondary School and Notre Dame College School scholarships are fiscally supported annually. The Pelham Art Festival also supports various community arts projects throughout the year.

Sponsors can directly interact with our substantial public and online audiences just as our artists do. You benefit from our valuable and targeted marketing campaigns and activation opportunities by partnering with the Pelham Art Festival at a level of your choice.


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