Visitors to the 36th Pelham Art Festival and Pelham Art Festival Online will be treated to artwork specially created for this year's Theme Challenge "Celebrate Imagination"

Pelham Art Festival creates a Theme Challenge every year. When artists are successful in the jury process it is a choice to participate with one artwork in the Theme Challenge. 

As part of their collection, artists have been invited to create one artwork to celebrate the Theme Challenge - “Celebrate Imagination".

These artworks will be featured in a special online Curated Collection and visitors to Pelham Art Festival in the Meridian Community Centre will vote for their favourite theme artwork. A People's Choice award for the theme will be presented to the winning artist on Mother's Day weekend at the Festival.

                                                             “Celebrate Imagination”

Originality in the Arts; The Talent or Inspiration to conceive and express new ideas; Inspiration; Inventiveness combined with Artfulness. Making something out of nothing. Expressing your own instinctive spirit of your creativity.

The time is now to draw back the curtain, to unwrap the package, to exchange the joy of anticipation for the pleasure of perception. The task at hand is to Celebrate Your Imagination.

Theme Challenge 36th Pelham Art Festival:

Artists and artisans at the 36th Pelham Art Festival are asked to email [email protected] with the artwork title to obtain a tag to identify their art entry. The tag will be enclosed in the Artist Information package on arrival at the Accipiter Arena in Fonthill Meridian Community Centre.

Theme Challenge Online Festival:

Artists and Artisans must include their Theme Challenge Artwork Name in the artwork title when filling out the form for the Theme Challenge piece after it is uploaded into their gallery. The title will identify it in a specially curated collection featuring selected artworks from all the theme challenge submissions. 

Artists should also choose Theme Challenge Artwork Name in the Subjects dropdown menu when filling in the form for the 2023 Theme Challenge so it can be identified by the site search engine.

NB: Only one artwork in their gallery should be assigned this subject designation if participating in the Theme Challenge. This enables the curator to find the Theme Challenge work for consideration. Visitors will be invited to view the Theme Challenge Curated Collection when it is presented during Pelham Art Festival Online.

We look forward to viewing "Celebrate Imagination" artwork at the Festivals!