Reproduction Policy

Updated October 2023

Pelham Art Festival accepts 80% original artworks and 20% may be reproductions such as giclée or limited-edition prints. Only individual artists apply. Businesses are not allowed in the Festivals. Artwork in the photography category must be of signed, numbered limited edition prints, with a series of each image limited to a total of 25 or fewer. Once you've declared the limited edition status of an image, you are expected to follow through anywhere you show that work. The artist warrants that the work being shown is the artist’s own work and shall not infringe or violate any copyright law. Artists are welcome to replace original art or prints on display as needed. To keep the offerings current, your original artwork should have been completed within the last three years. Work created from assembly kits or manufactured items will not be considered nor allowed on display.

Our goal is to give the public a chance to acquire original art, created by the hands of the artist. As the participating artist, you must be the designer, creator and producer of the work to be sold.

No work produced or sourced by commercial means will be allowed. Please remember to be as specific as possible when describing the medium of your artwork in your application. A hard copy of your artist statement describing your process should be available in your booth at the in-person Festival.


The reproduction policy will not apply to a Youth Artist Group exhibit as only original artwork will be exhibited in this case.   

Photography, Digital Media and Printmaking

Since the nature of these media is inherently edition-based, they are the only exception. Only limited (25 maximum of the same image in any size), numbered and signed editions of digital, computer or photography-based works will be allowed and must be marked as “limited edition prints.” Methods of creating multi-copy art in limited runs, such as intaglio, lithography, relief painting and other traditional printmaking means are not considered reproductions. Pelham Art Festival Committee members reserve the right to inspect your booth or online pages and verify edition numbers at any point during the In-person or Online Festivals.

Pelham Art Festivals will advise artists of any work that does not meet Art Festivals standards and may take any action deemed necessary for compliance including your dismissal from the Festivals, without refund or any other claim, at any time. Artists dismissed from the Festivals, for this reason, may be deemed ineligible to participate in the future.

If you are at any point unsure whether your work violates the reproduction policy please contact Pelham Art Festivals at [email protected] for clarification prior to the In-person or Online Festival; no exceptions will be made for merchandise or reproductions to be exhibited.

The checkbox in your application acts as your digital signature and indicates that you fully understand and agree to abide by the above terms, conditions and consequences as part of your participation in Pelham Art Festivals.

Your checkbox in your application acts as your digital signature and indicates that you fully understand and agree that in the event that you are deemed to have violated the reproduction policy with the result that your application is disqualified or your dismissal from the Festivals, you will not be eligible for any refund or compensation from Pelham Art Festivals or their affiliates and you will not hold them financially responsible or liable in any way.

Pelham Art Festival is a not-for-profit corporation.

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